Simplement genial

Una molt bona manera de començar la setmana es aquesta cançó de Liquido 'Ordinary live'. Recordo perfectament el dia que vaig descobrir aquest grup, era l'hivern de l'any 1998. Sempre que escolto la seva música em fa recuperar molts bons records. Gràcies Enric per presentar-me'ls.

What has come of you
Fading into gloom
Blackening everything that we achieved
Thought I felt a kill
An underrated skill
Catching but heavily quite a disease
Givin' some crap
It is to show you where my head is at
It's but a shame
This is some
Ordinary life

Now I know the score
The storyline you store
Has but an end that you will not release
Requiring a plan
Some pattern for the clan
And nothing is quite what is seems
Didn't I swear
It's such a beautiful dress that you wear
It's but a game
This is some
Ordinary life

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